Telescopic Masts

Standard Duty Masts

WIll-Burt's Standard Duty Masts are pneumatic and used to support a variety of lightweight antennas at up to 34 ft. (10.3 m). The mast is a series of graduated extruded aluminum tubes that nest one inside another.

Heavy Duty Masts, Non-Locking

With extended antenna heights of up to 56 ft. (17 m), Will-Burt's Non-Locking Heavy Duty Mast is ideal for surveillance, electronic news gathering and elevated testing. The pneumatic mast is a series of graduated extended tubes, assembled to nest inside one another. It can be retracted to its compact height of less than 10ft. (3 m) and quickly extended in minutes to its free-standing height.

Heavy Duty Masts, Locking

When a mast deployment is needed for extended periods, turn to Will-Burt's Heavy Duty Locking mast. Available in six standard models up to 134 ft. (40 m), these vehicle or trailer mounted masts feature locking collars that allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure. Models up to 60 ft. (18 m) can be vehicle mounted so guylines are optional - over 60 ft. are field guyed and are non-rotatable.

Super Heavy Duty Non-Locking Masts

With extended payload heights of up to 67 ft. (20 m), Will-Burt's Non-Locking Super Heavy Duty Masts are ideal lifts for audio speakers, lighting, props and equipment or any situation which requires maximum payload capacity. the pneumatic mast is a series of graduated extruded tubes, assembled to nest one inside the other. It can be retracted to its compact nested height and quickly extended in minutes to its free-standing height.

Super Heavy Duty Locking Masts

When heavy payloads and/or large sail areas are necessary, Will-Burt's Super Heavy Duty Locking mast is the answer. Available in five standard models up to 164 ft. (50 m), these vehicle or trailer mounted mast feature locking collars that allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure. Guying is optional. Custom heights and payloads up to 1,200 lbs (545 kg) are available.

Hurry-Up Mast

Will-Burt's portable 25-ft Hurry-Up Telescoping Mast can be extended to full height in one minute or less, and is ideal for deployment of light weight antennas and instruments. The mast consists of six graduated aluminum tubes which nest one inside another.

Pneumatic Systems

Will-Burt offers a variety of low maintenance oil-less air compressor systems, all specifically designed for optimal performance for use with Will-Burt Telescoping Masts. These pneumatic systems include only the heightest quality components available to ensure the system will last the lifetime of the mast.


Quickset Pan & Tilt Positioner These pan & tilt positioners allow you to accurately aim the payload from the ground and continually monitor performance. Range of models includes fixed and variable speed, 115 VAC and 12 VDC operation, low profile model and 20 to 500 pound (9 to 227 kg) capacity models. Features Chain & steel worm gear drive train Zero backlash- externally adjustable Ball & tapered roller bearings Internally adjustable limit switches Housing sealed & gasketed to withstand water & dust penetration Baked on textured enamel finish Pan rotation 435° Tilt rotation ± 90° "


NYCOIL Cable Conduit is the preformed coiled hose used to house electrical wiring or antenna RF and positioner cable. Nycoil flexible conduit is available with inside diameters of 1/2", 3/4" 1" and 1-1/4". Nycoil length should be two times the difference between the extended and retracted height of the mast. Nycoil is for use with non-locking masts only.


D-TEC II is equipped with the Emergency Bypass System, providing a safe means of bypassing the D-TEC II in the rare event a malfunction or false trip occurs preventing mast extension. The built-in anti-collision system automatically stops mast extension, providing added protection from overhead hazards for the operator and equipment. Telescoping mast safety system providing AC field detection, object sonar detection and above mast illumination. Spec Sheet

QEAM Masts

The Will-Burt QEAM series is a reliable screw drive, guyed field mast with optional vehicular mountings. The TM 10 quick erecting antenna mast is designed for manual deployment of light payloads for ground mounted, vehicle and shelter deployments. Designed and qualified as the AB-1386/U for the U.S. Army CECOM QEAM program, the simple, easy to operate design, is affordable for a wide variety of mobile communication applications. In addition to the TM10 (10m extended, 7kg payload capacity), Will-Burt also offers the TM6 (6m extended, 7kg payload capacity), HDTM10 (10m extended, 34kg payload capacity), and the TM15 (15m extended, 34kg payload capacity).

Stiletto Masts

Will-Burt's revolutionary screw-drive Stiletto is designed for communications, reconnaisance, and surveillance applications that require rapid, automatic deployment and maximum reliability with high antenna pointing accuracy. Designed to meet military environment standards (Ref. MIL-STD-810), the small foot print of 1.5 square feet readily allows internal or external mountings in HMMWV, shelter or ground installations. Made from durable, high strength carbon fiber composite tubes, Stiletto's pointing accuracy is very precise, both in deflection and azimuth rotation. The Standard Stiletto series is available in 4m (91kg payload capacity), 6m (91kg payload capacity), 10m (80kg payload capacity) and 15m (57kg payload capacity) models. Will-Burt has just developed the new Stiletto HD Series (6m, 180kg payload capacity and 10m, 180kg payload capacity) that features on-the-move capability at 5m partial extension.

Saber Masts

SABER has exceptional mast weight to payload capabilities. Revolutionary thin foil boom technology supports payloads up to 450 lbs. (204 kg) with high strength, carbon fiber composite mast sections results in a minimum mast weight of 245 lbs. (111 kg) for 9 meters of extended height. The result is a light weight mast for large payloads with high wind capacity and positive retraction. Saber masts are available in free-standing heights from 13 to 41 ft. (4 to 12.4 m) with intelligent control systems that include computer interface.